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Dreaming of a Red Christmas

I have taken an unplanned blogging break for no reason really, other than that things have been busy with the kids and what not.  In fact, I haven't been on social media at all much's kind of nice.

So I just wanted to pop in to say that I hope your Christmas season is merry and bright.

Here is a photo from an article that my dear ol' dad wrote for the Nov/Dec Gaither Homecoming Magazine.  He is friends with the Gaithers so naturally when they asked him to start writing a column for their magazine he said yes.  I know I'm a proud daughter, but I think he's a really good writer.  He might be a basketball coach by trade, but he is a legitimate author in my opinion.  (I know he has at least one book in him and it's fun to see his columns in the Homecoming Magazine, too)  He was kind enough to think of a poem that I wrote to include in his most recent article.  It's called "The Christmas Color" and was inspired by a sermon I heard once by Pastor Greg Laurie.  I have been working on illustrations to go along with it because I have hopes of turning it into a children's book.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the article and the poem and even consider subscribing to the magazine.  I personally love having a subscription.  It's full of uplifting articles.

Here is my little poem in an easier to read format:

The Christmas Color

It has been said
That the color of Christmas is red.

It's everywhere you look.
From the biggest house to the smallest nook.

Is it because of Santa’s red clothes?
Or maybe it’s Rudolph's shiny red nose.

Is it because of the red berries we like to pick?
Or is it our cocoa we stir with a red peppermint stick?

Is it the pretty red paper that we use to gift wrap?
Or is it your favorite red Christmas mittens and cap?

Perhaps it's the red stockings we hang by the fire.
Or is it the poinsettias all around that we so admire?

Could it be the bright red bulbs that light up our trees?
No...there is something else that brings us to our knees...

You see our Lord Jesus was born on that first Christmas Day. 
He was born in a manger surrounded by hay.

And later He died and He rose and His blood was shed.
And THAT is the reason the color of Christmas is red.

Of course we love the lights, the trim, and all that is fun,
But those things only point to the One.

His gift of salvation is yours to receive.
All you must do is believe.

So in the midst of this busy and festive season,
Keep in mind that Jesus is the reason.

And tonight when you lay down your head

Be sure to remember why the color of Christmas is red.

Merry Christmas!  I plan to come back to blog land in the new year.  I hope to see you then!

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  1. Tori, Thank you for writing and for being an encourager of good things. God bless you writing efforts this year. Love you lots, h


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