Iron Man and Cindarella

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Inspiration Behind the Scenes

I love to read about other artist's inspirations, so I thought I'd share some of mine in this post.

When creating a new illustration for my blog and etsy shop, I used scraps of my late Grandmother in-law's vintage fabric, a photo I recently snapped of my daughter at a petting zoo, combined art from my two kids to make one abstract "painting" (the purple-ish background is by my son at age five and the pink foreground is by my daughter at age 2), and incorporated the image of a large antique picture frame from my mom we have hanging in the house. The tag line I came up with (not pictured here), "Things don't always make sense up close, but God sees the big picture...the completed work of art," is so true in my life and it's funny how it seems to get more and more true the older I get. That thought gives me comfort and peace so I wanted to incorporate it somehow.

So that's the behind the scenes scoop behind the art. :)

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