Iron Man and Cindarella

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No-Sew DIY Star Wars Costumes

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Do you need a last minute Halloween costume? I came up with this extremely easy and inexpensive no sew Luke and Leia costume a few months back for a Star Wars birthday party we went to. It's perfect for this time of year or for play time in general.

My goal was to not buy anything new for this project and thankfully we had everything we needed on hand - except for the light sabers that my husband insisted on getting. I wanted to make these adorable DIY light sabers like I had pinned on Pinterest, but he would hear nothing of the sort. He's a bit of a Star Wars purist.

 photo starwars2_zps0e61b4df.jpg

M just wore simple white leggings and her brother's old tshirt with her Old Navy boots.

For each of their belts, I cut a long strip of dark brown felt.

I took a large piece of off white felt (about 2 1/2 ft X 5 ft) and cut down the center of one side to make it seem like a robe. I put the "robe" on K and wrapped him up with his little brown belt and voila...two of the fasted and easiest DIY costumes around!

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