Iron Man and Cindarella

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Vintage Wall Art

I love that both of our kids have "vintage" things hanging in their rooms that once hung in their Mom and Dad's childhood rooms.  I grew up with this Noah's Ark painting by American folk artist Elayne LaPorta in my bedroom and it inspired me in so many ways.  I can remember trying to paint flowers just like the ones in this painting as a child and also know that it played a part in the story of Noah's Ark becoming an all time favorite of mine.  It currently hangs in M's room and she adores it.

She referenced it often when she was learning to talk and just had to point to and name all of the animals.  Her favorites are the flamingos and the bunnies.  Elayne's work is extraordinarily beautiful in person and I am so sorry that the pictures don't do it justice.

These are hand stitched pieces hung in B's room growing up and now are in K's room.  They were hand stitched with love by K's Great-Great Grandmother, Marion Bunce.  It's such a special thing to be able to have your kids grow up with family heirlooms in their very own bedroom, even simple ones.  Although there is nothing simple about the craftsmanship of these two sweet little pieces.

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