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Creative Christmas

Nativity Improv

This December has flown by as December seems to do.  I think I'll share a brief recap of the "Creative Christmas" season we have been enjoying with the kids so far this month.  I had meant to be blogging about everything as it's been going on but a recap is the best I can do in the midst of it all.

Still "in character" after the end of the program

One of my favorites was going to a friend's Christmas party where she had planned for the kids to do a Christmas Pageant on the spot with no was sort of a "Nativity Improv" if you will.  My friend painted a backdrop and gathered props, let the kids choose their roles and costumes from a bin, and then the children sat in the front while a grown up narrated the story and the hostess was the gentle and encouraging "stage mom" who gave cues and simple lines.  We parents sat in the audience (the living room) following along the script that was passed out and we all sang the appropriate songs at the appropriate times (like Away in a Manger and Silent Night).  It was such a fun and memorable night for all.

Showing off her work of art

My same friend (her name is April, by the way, and she could start a blog of her own where she shares all of her AMAZING ideas and creativity on a DAILY basis) also hosted a playgroup where we did a mother/child art project and made what I am now calling "sweet socks".  Sweet socks are a pair of new socks that have a granola bar and bottle of water tucked inside and are kept in your car ready to give to someone who is currently homeless.  It's so hard when we see so much pain in the world and we can get overwhelmed about not being able to help everyone so we can sometimes feel like we can't even help ANYone (or is that just me?)

M and her Sweet Socks
So even though "sweet socks" are a small and simple thing, I believe that when given to someone and making that human connection eye to eye, it can actually do more than keep a person's feet warm and offer a nourishing snack.

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