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FOUND: Haute Toffee

Sometimes chocolate is just so good that it has to be blogged about.  We first discovered Haute Toffee a couple of years ago at an iSanctuary fundraiser.  The great thing about the way that iSanctuary does fundraisers is that when someone purchases a ticket, 100% of the amount goes directly to their cause because they partner with various local vendors who generously donate food, linens, location, tables and chairs, live music, and even sometimes THE BEST toffee in the whole entire world.  Needless to say, the Mister and I hung out near the "toffee table" for a large part of the evening.  He doesn't even like sweets (I know - who did I marry?) but he couldn't stop talking about it.  

My dad DOES love sweets and we have now replaced the tradition of gifting him with Sees Candy every year for his birthday (a request he made known to me a long time ago: "You don't ever have to buy me gifts, but if you MUST, I only ever want Sees Candy.") to now gifting him with Haute Toffee for two years in a row and counting.  (I never thought he would make a switch as we come from a long line of Sees lovers, but he is a BIG fan as well now.)  So the next time you are on the hunt to give the gift of fancy candy to someone who you know appreciates that sort of thing, I HIGHLY recommend Haute Toffee.

No, I'm not a paid sponsor for them, but I wish I was - paid only in toffee of course. ;)

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