Iron Man and Cindarella

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A Sacred Space, A Sanctuary

hand drawn in the iSanctuary workshop in India....
"God has seen the depths of your heart and He loves you the same."

I think that our surroundings matter and are actually very important.  They can bring growth, inspiration, peacefulness, and comfort.  The same way a drab space can make us feel a certain way, a bright and cheerful space can too.  I had the pleasure of growing up in a home where I was able to appreciate beauty and comfort and am now trying to provide that for my own family inside our home.

I have been blessed beyond measure to get to partner alongside my friends at for the last several years.  One thing that struck me so hard was getting to see a video update from the offices in India.  The young women were proudly giving a tour of their workspace at their Mumbai headquarters and were giggling and smiling the entire time.  These are women who have survived some of the worst things possible to imagine.  And yet they were smiling and cheerful and beautiful and thriving.

working together in the Mumbai HQ

Aside from getting to see such incredible and inspiring young ladies, I was so struck by the office space itself.  It was simple, but lovely.  The walls were a peaceful blue and it looked strikingly similar to the headquarters here in Orange County that I had visited several times before.  It was literally a sanctuary.

packing orders in the OC HQ

I just heard the exciting news that they are expanding their Mumbai offices and I can't wait to see the new kind of beautiful sanctuary they create.

new office construction for the Mumbai HQ

And on a side note, iSanctuary is running a promotion right now for the grads in your life:  a free Graduation card (that I might have designed ;) ) along with your purchase.  I think it's the perfect gift (that gives twice)!

working together to end it

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." 
Romans 12:21

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